MVD next week !

Having surgery this week made me think about everyone around me that helped me one way or another during this ordeal.  Work colleagues and bosses, we’re so comprehensive with me has I was working (or trying …) and coping with pain.  My sisters have been my biggest fan and never ceased to encourage me from day one.

Lastly my wife because as in chess, the queen protects the king. Not once has she issued a single criticism while observing me pass countless hours on the net or hearing my grievances. Instead, she took control of the family boat and revealed herself in her true light, a woman of heart, unconditionally generous, who keeps sprinkling my personal legend …

I don’t know how or when but rest assured I’ll make up for it little Patsy… 



2 thoughts on “MVD next week !”

  1. Love your shout out to your wife. It’s indeed a huge help when someone takes over the family boat. And yes, true self is revealed in times like this.

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