What to do if you thing you might have TN ;

  • Rely on yourself, there is no test you can take to prove you have TN. Once you can describe what you’re going through, a good neurologist should be able to explain it to you. Diagnosis is based mainly on your symptoms and history (although many consider a positive response to carbamazepine to be diagnostic for the condition)
  • Educate yourself because knowledge is power. Surf the net for infos (Keep all you’re bookmarks) and don’t hesitate to call or write to different association ressources to discuss you’re symptoms.
  • Learn about the nerves inside your face.
  • Get better at describing you’re symptoms. Before you go to a doctor, make sure you can accurately describe your symptoms. Bring all of you’re notes describing every symptom and memory in detail. Being able to refer to this helped me describe what I was going through and led to a correct diagnosis.                               (Tool for describing symptoms)
  • Don’t just put up with it, don’t be embarrassed. You are important, and you can find a way to persevere !
  • Whatever you do, Keep fightingDon’t let TN win.


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